Water Treatment Services

Your building's health, and that of its residents, is largely underpinned by the quality of water treatment.

  • Are your building's treatment processes operating correctly?
  • Are water flows at the correct standards or are shower heads and other outlets showing signs of clogging from limescale?
  • How often are water filter systems being checked and maintained?

These are just some of the assessment criteria Burwell Maintenance can undertake for you.

It is our practice to recommend to all our contract customers that they carry out an annual review of all water hygiene and water treatment in properties across Cambridgeshire and Norfolk.

Not only is this review designed to ensure that the treatment programme in place complies with the requirements of The Approved Code of Practice L8: 2001 from the Health & Safety Executive, but it also highlights any areas that may require attention.

Specifically, implementing best practice around water treatment ensures high drinking water quality, reduces risk from bacterial infections and viruses and protects water sources and outlets within a complex or building.

Take a quick look at our summary for advice and guidance:

Risk Assessment

In ACOP L8 it clearly states that a requirement of Health and Safety is that a risk assessment must be carried out and reviewed at least every 2 years; or whenever there is a reason to believe that the current assessment is no longer valid.

ACOP also says that when carrying out a risk assessment it is a requirement that a schematic diagram of the system be included.

The basic format of a ‘Risk Assessment’:

Visit the site during normal working hours in order to carry out a full assessment, to identify any water systems present, both hot and cold, and whether any of these could potentially present hazard to health.

A full written report, complete with diagrams and details of each system.

The basic format of a quotation for the ‘Annual Water Treatment’ contract:

  • Four visits per annum to test, check, service and maintain all heating systems
  • To also include the supply maintenance dose chemicals
  • There is no allowance for system dosing if the initial check finds the system does not have specified chemical inhibitor levels
  • We would recommend cleaning, descale and disinfect any showerheads on a quarterly basis
  • Six-monthly sampling of the domestic system to include Legionella from the tank, shower and a random hot and cold outlet
  • General Bacteria (TVC) screens to be from tank, random cold and a mains water outlet for datum

All of the above would be priced individually, depending on the service required so that we are able to interpret what is required correctly; elements can be removed or added as necessary. We only charge for what we do.


We are able to provide a survey and quotation without cost, providing the customer with the necessary information to proceed with compliance of the L8 Approved Code of Practice.

If you wish to obtain this survey or learn more about our water treatment services then please do not hesitate to contact us on: 01603 861848 or by email at info@burwellmaintenance.ltd.uk


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