Commercial ventilation system

A Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) system improves indoor air quality by removing dust, mists, gases, vapour or fumes so that they can’t be breathed in. A properly designed LEV uses capture devices such as hoods, arms or booths to collect airborne contaminants, and duct systems to remove and transfer the contaminants away from people, clean the air and return it to the atmosphere if required, and get rid of contaminants safely.

These include:

  • Woodworking dust extraction
  • Metalwork shops
  • Welding areas
  • Booths
  • Vehicle exhaust systems 
  • Many other systems found in industry, schools & colleges and small businesses.

Legal considerations in line with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)

Once you have an LEV installed, it is your legal responsibility to ensure your system continues to work efficiently. You will need to regularly check and maintain the LEV and have it thoroughly examined and tested.

Most LEVs need a thorough examination and test once per year to make sure they work well, maintain air quality and continues to protect the people within the working area.

The examination tests the LEV against its performance and includes airflow and pressure measurements, checks on control effectiveness, and in some cases exposure measurement.

If you should change the use of an LEV, it should be re-commissioned to suit the new environment.

The examination and test should be carried out by a competent, trained person and cannot be done in-house or ‘do it yourself’.

Experienced and skilled technicians

BML are able to carry out the installations, maintenance, service and repairs to commercial ventilation systems across Norfolk and Cambridgeshire. Our experienced team and skilled technicians ensure that you have a timely reminder each year to ensure that you maintain compliance within the workplace.

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