Commercial Boiler Service

There are many good reasons to maintain and service your commercial boilers, not least of all that it’s a requirement for insurance companies, but also because it should form part of annual health and safety inspections for building owners and property managers.

What is commercial boiler servicing?

Commercial boilers, which are units above a 70kW power rating, require an annual inspection, servicing and preventative maintenance to ensure that all seals, gaskets and heat exchangers are in good working order.

The estimated lifespan of a commercial boiler is between 10 to 15 years, however, if not properly maintained on an annual schedule this lifespan can be severely reduced. Poorly maintained commercial or industrial boilers pose a risk to health and safety and can be disruptive to businesses that require them to be in good working order.

Commercial boilers are particularly susceptible to wear and tear because of their heavy-duty usage, with a number of key warning signs that occur when things are about to go wrong as follows:

  • An increase in noisiness
  • A sudden increase in monthly billing due to electricity usage
  • Fluctuations in temperature
  • A strange smell coming from the boiler
  • Dark marks on the boiler casing

Being proactive and maintaining a regular annual inspection means you could save costs and enhance your commercial boiler’s lifespan.

Why have a maintenance contract?

There are a number of reasons why having a maintenance contract is best practice:

  • Ensuring that your annual inspections are carried out on schedule by professionals keeps your building or workplace safe – damaged boilers, particularly where there are gas leaks, can cause carbon monoxide contamination and even death if not dealt with immediately.
  • Extending the lifespan of your commercial boiler – you save money not only on monthly billing through energy efficiency but by noticing any issues early so that they can be solved immediately, rather than causing more expensive problems later on.
  • Maintaining necessary certifications for health and safety purposes, as well as to cover your insurance requirements – most insurance companies require boilers to be serviced every 12 months. Documentation will be provided after each service, which you can then show to your insurance if or when repairs are needed.
  • Maintaining warranties on your equipment.
  • Meeting the legal requirements of your lease agreements – by law, businesses and landlords are required to give tenants a copy of the building’s Gas Safety Certificate. Among the regulations, you need to be aware of The Health & Safety at Work Act. (1974), Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations 1992, and the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998.
  • Having one point of contact for any heating or hot water failures – proactive maintenance is far more cost effective than paying for repairs on a reactive basis.

Why choose us?

At Burwell Maintenance, we porvide a comphensive commerical boiler service, alongside installation and repair across Norfolk and Cambridgeshire. BML employs experienced and qualified boiler engineers, trained in combustion engineering, working on a variety of modern and older boilers and heating systems.

We are able to maintain, repair or replace all aspects of all forms of heating systems, associated plant and equipment.

This includes:

  • Setting up a maintenance schedule and planning annual inspections and visits
  • Visual and component checks with every scheduled visit
  • Rigorous testing of each component
  • Full reporting and documentation for health and safety requirements as well as insurance purposes

Unlike many other companies, we will go that extra mile and will note, report and make improvements in order to make energy-saving measures relevant to your heating system following their service work. From boilers to air conditioning units, we test and maintain it all.


Please contact our friendly service team to discuss your boiler servicing requirements. Our expert team are on hand to answer any questions.


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