Air Conditioning Service & Maintenance

Maintaining a comfortable temperature and high quality of air in your office or home is extremely important for the health and comfortability of your family or workforce.

To ensure your air conditioning systems are working to their optimal levels for both heating and cooling, and that they are operating as energy efficiently as possible, it is essential to carry out regular, scheduled servicing and maintenance.

Benefits of regular air conditioning servicing include:

Better Energy Efficiency

Systems that run with clogged air filters, dirty condenser coils and other problems mean that the system has to work harder which uses more energy, costs you more and impacts negatively on the environment.

By servicing your air conditioning system regularly, you can enjoy savings on your energy bill and know that you're doing your bit to reduce your home or business's carbon footprint.

Longer Operational Life

Maintaining any type of equipment is essential to extending its operational life-cycle. Bear in mind that if a single component in a system is faulty, this can put undue stress on other components in the system, causing inefficient operation and stress that can cause failure over time.

The sooner a fault is identified and fixed, the better the system will operate overall and the longer it will last.

Lower Overall Repair Costs 

Regular maintenance of your air conditioning can identify and fix faults when they are least costly. Rather than waiting for a system failure that might require a costly emergency call-out, these repairs could be managed or avoided altogether through routine service and maintenance.

BML's professional service team specialises in providing air conditioning services including repair, maintenance, testing and more for residential and business customers across Norfolk and Cambridgeshire.

No job is too big or too small, we offer quality workmanship and pay acute attention to every detail of projects we undertake. 


Our certified technicians are able to work on all major brands, can handle emergency call-outs, and provide F Gas compliance to ensure that your AC installation is working correctly for you.

As part of our value and service commitment to you:

  • BML will provide a survey and proposal to you for your maintenance or installation free of charge and advise you on the maintenance requirements of your system so that you're up to date with all information.
  • We can give you all the information you need about F Gas Regulations, which require the system to be regularly maintained and records kept.
  • We can service all manufacturers’ equipment, repair, replace and install new.
  • Our engineers have years of experience, a good understanding of your system and qualified to carry out the work on your behalf.
  • We work throughout East Anglia, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, and Cambridgeshire.
  • Our technicians' servicing standards will maintain the optimum performance of your air conditioning equipment and save on larger repair or replacement costs due to reducing the life cycle of the installation.

BML also service and maintain air source heatpumps (ASHP), ground source heatpumps (GSHP), chillers and refrigeration. 


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