Water, the source of pretty much all life on earth, is something that most of us take for granted

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Just how pure is your H2O?

Water, the source of pretty much all life on earth, is something that most of us take for granted. We open taps and out it comes – but do we consider where that water comes from, how it’s being sourced and, most importantly, what the water quality is?

Municipal potable water systems in the United Kingdom are generally of a fairly good standard, with comparatively low levels of impurities. But to be truly safe to use, whether drinking from the tap or in washing up, showering etc. it’s advisable to bring water treatment and filtration into the mix.

Filtered water raises the quality of water to ensure that it becomes completely safe to consume as drinking water, avoiding common contamination issues such as:

  • Metals
  • Salmonella
  • Hepatitis A
  • E.Coli
  • Norovirus

If not treated, repeated exposure to these contaminates in water can lead to serious health issues such as kidney damage, respiratory issues, reproductive issues and even cancer. 

In communal buildings, water quality is of paramount importance – the water provision system, from incoming source to the pipes that distribute it to each home, to the internal plumbing within each home all present areas where contamination can occur.

The easiest way to solve this challenge is two-fold – firstly, buildings maintenance staff need to be aware of the potential risks and take steps within the communal systems to filter and clean incoming water before it is distributed into the building’s water system. 

There are various systems that can be installed to help with this, from multi-stage filtration systems to reverse osmosis systems. These do require regular inspection and maintenance to ensure that filters are clean and systems are functioning correctly.

Secondly, in their own homes, people can install smaller domestic use filter systems either into their main plumbing system or at specific taps in the house to deliver filtered drinking and cooking water. Water jugs with filters are another good, inexpensive option.

Alternatively, buying refillable water bottles and making use of shop-based filtered water systems to keep pure drinking water in the home can be an inexpensive and simple solution.

Either way, it’s important to consider where you’re sourcing your potable water from, and how you can ensure that it’s of the highest quality. 

Water filtration and water treatment maintenance Norwich and Cambridge

If you live in a communal building, make sure to check with your maintenance company that all water systems are regularly checked, and find out what measures have been taken to ensure the quality of the water that’s being provided to your home.

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Water filtration and water treatment maintenance Norwich and Cambridge
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