Spring into Life with our Buildings Checklist

posted on: Fri, 28 05 2021 - 12:00:00 by Burwell Maintenance | General

With Spring just about sprung, it’s the perfect time to do your maintenance checklist ahead of what will hopefully be a warm, sunny and sociable Summer.

Whether it’s your home office, apartment building, corporate headquarters or simply your home, getting those Spring chores done can not only make your home or workplace a nicer place to be, it can also keep you safe and save you money.

Here is our Spring Building Maintenance Checklist to help you get things ship-shape…

Gutters and downpipes

Do a proper inspection of your gutters and downpipes to ensure that the Winter hasn’t left any unwanted leaves, debris, rodents or other blockages, and that the cold hasn’t cracked any pipes or loosened any joins. Don’t forget to check the wall and fascia fixings too to ensure nothing has come loose during the cold months.


Check your roof for any signs that tiles may have been dislodged or cracked during Winter. You should check from both the outside and from inside if you can access your loft, where you’ll easily be able to spot any areas where there have been leaks.

Check your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide monitors

Staying safe at home or work means ensuring that safety systems are up to date, regularly tested, in good working order and adequate for the needs of the property. Your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide monitors should be a top priority – testing that the alarms sound, that batteries haven’t gone flat or that other power sources are operating as they should.

Check any outdoor taps and irrigation systems

The Winter can wreak havoc on outdoor water systems – make sure your taps and irrigation systems haven’t suffered burst pipes, cracked connectors or perished outlets. Rodents can also create problems by chewing the pipes, particularly on irrigation sprinklers, so check for any that might need to be replaced.

Woodwork care

Cold and wet winters can cause wooden doors, gates and other objects to swell, get waterlogged, perish and decay. You should do at least two inspections a year – before Summer and before Winter to ensure that woodwork is well sealed and repaint any surfaces that need repair. Be sure to wait until the wood has dried out completely and prepare the surface well before adding the new coats.

Air conditioning systems

You should have a regular maintenance schedule for your air conditioning or climate control systems, making sure that seals, filters, fans, compressors and other mechanical parts are in perfect working order. With hotter weather on the horizon, you’ll be using your system more regularly, so now is the ideal time to get it checked.

Heating systems and boilers

Much like your air conditioning systems, your boiler needs regular maintenance checks and servicing to ensure that it’s working perfectly. Not only will a well-serviced boiler work more efficiently, saving you money and time, it will also keep you safe from any malfunctions that could cause injury. Your insurance will also only cover boilers that have been properly maintained on a regular service schedule.

Spring building maintenance Norwich and Cambridge

There may be many Spring building maintenance tasks that you can do yourself, but certain tasks will require professional input, guidance and expertise.

At Burwell Maintenance we offer a wide range of building maintenance and other specialist services across Norwich and Cambridge to help keep your home or office running exactly as it should, all year round. 

To find out more about our services or for advice on any aspect of building maintenance, contact us today on 01603 861848 or info@burwellmaintenance.ltd.uk.

Spring building maintenance Norwich and Cambridge
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