Don't let the Winter chill win!

posted on: Sun, 27 10 2019 - 12:00:00 by Burwell Maintenance | General

There are few better reasons to have your boiler checked and serviced (if necessary) than the impending coldness of winter.

As the nights draw in and the evening temperatures dip, here's our Friendly Four Reasons reminder to give your boiler a quick health check:

1. A Chilly Welcome – no-one likes to come home or wake up to a freezing cold house, and worse still, a cold shower! Keeping your boiler working optimally significantly reduces the chances of that happening.

2. Heat Up, Costs Down – a well-maintained boiler uses less gas to work more efficiently, and costs significantly less to run. That's just plain good logic!

3. Stay Warm and Safe – faulty boilers can lead to gas leaks, which in turn can expose you and your family to highly-toxic carbon monoxide and other harmful gases. Winter is the period of highest usage, and therefore highest risk if your boiler isn't up to standard.

4. Longer Life for your Boiler – just like a vehicle or a pair of good shoes, keeping your boiler well-maintained and serviced will significantly increase its lifespan, saving you money and a lot of hassle!

Give us a call to get your boiler checked and, if necessary, serviced to ensure that you stay warm and safe this Winter, and save on your energy bill...just think of all the extra gifts and treats you could put that saving towards!

We look forward to hearing from you – feel free to call us on 01603 861 848 or get in touch through our contact form.

Don't let the Winter chill win!
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