Boiler servicing: Save time, save money, stay safe

posted on: Thu, 25 07 2019 - 12:00:00 by Burwell Maintenance Ltd. | General

There are many potential costs that building owners need to manage – from lights and walkways to access control systems and fire management, there is a great deal to consider.

Of the daily functionalities that tenants rely on most, heat and hot water are very high up on the list, and failing boiler systems can seriously disrupt the comfort and quality of life of tenants.

Keeping your boiler systems functioning optimally is therefore an absolute priority, and poor maintenance can result in costly and unnecessary repairs.

Here are our top benefits of having your boiler system regularly serviced:

1)    Safety – gas leaks, however rare, can be extremely dangerous to air quality, and pose fire risks. A regularly inspected and maintained boiler system is far less likely to have gas leaks, thus significantly reducing risk.

2)    Energy efficiency – poorly maintained boilers use significantly more electricity to run, which can impact heavily on your bill. By servicing your boiler system regularly, you can ensure energy usage is kept to an absolute minimum.

3)    Insurance cover – insurance companies will require records of maintenance before considering any claims should your boiler need replacement. It is thus vital to stick to a scheduled maintenance plan.

4)    Extending your boiler’s lifespan – a poorly maintained system will fail far sooner than one that is well-maintained, costing you extra money unnecessarily, and likely negating insurance too.

5)    Identifying problems early on – prevention is almost always better than cure. Through regular servicing and maintenance, problems can be identified before they escalate, saving you inconvenience and extra costs further down the line.

At Burwell Maintenance, we’ve got the necessary skills, experience and certifications to carry out all servicing, maintenance and repairs on your boiler systems, including:

  • Setting up maintenance schedules and annual inspections
  • Full system checks and testing, and repairs if necessary
  • Reporting and documentation

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Boiler servicing: Save time, save money, stay safe
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