Why Air Conditioning is a Business Essential

posted on: Thu, 19 09 2019 - 12:00:00 by Burwell Maintenance | General

Air quality throughout your business or domestic residence can play a major part in maintaining healthy living conditions, comfortability and productivity.

A well-maintained system will purify the air, reducing the number of dust and other particles that can cause itchy eyes, breathing difficulties, odours and bacterial infections.

The main reasons for maintaining a healthy air conditioning system, particularly in offices, include:

1. Improved productivity

A recent study in Canada showed that employees working in uncomfortably hot conditions can waste up to an hour a day – that’s an hour you’re paying for, and if you’ve got a large team, can prove to be extremely costly in the long run.

Additionally, wasted hours mean lower output and efficiency, which can negatively affect your business’s reputation with its customers and clients.

2. Better concentration

Not only will your team work harder in comfortable conditions, but they will also work far smarter, with higher concentration levels meaning fewer mistakes.

At the sharp end, fewer mistakes mean lower risk in environments where losing concentration can cause serious accidents.

3. Customer comfortability

There are many ways to keep your clients and customers happy when they’re in your premises, and amongst the most important is keeping them comfortable in terms of temperature.

Keeping your system running optimally

There are a number of components in air conditioning systems that need to be checked regularly and maintained on a schedule to perform optimally.

1. Filters

Air filters in air conditioning system are a vital component in cleaning the air as it passes through the system.

Clogged, dirty filters will significantly reduce system efficiency by allowing particles into the evaporator coil, but also impact on the system’s ability to clean harmful elements out of the air.

Dirty filters will also impact on energy consumption, reducing efficiency by up to 15%.

Filters should be cleaned or replaced at least once every couple of months, especially during the hot season or for systems in dusty environments.

2. Evaporator and Condenser Coils

In air conditioning systems, the evaporator and condenser coils are central to high-performance but can collect dirt over months or years of service.

Outdoor units can be especially susceptible to dust, leaves, grass cuttings and other debris, and cleaning the area around the coil, as well as the coils themselves is a vital part of a system’s maintenance schedule.

3. Coil Fins

The aluminium fins on the evaporator and condenser coils can become damaged over time, reducing air flow into the system and reducing efficiency.

Ensuring that the fins are kept in as straight a position as possible will significantly improve efficiency of the whole system.

4. Drains

Air conditioning systems have drains that collect and remove water that forms from condensation. Ensuring that these drains are kept clean and clear will not only help the system run efficiently, but also reduce the likelihood of odours and that ‘damp’ smell.

What we check during our service

There are a number of essential checks we do when doing regular or non-scheduled maintenance and repairs on air conditioning systems.

These include:

  • Pressure testing the system to check for leaks
  • Cleaning and clearing all filters, drains and coils
  • Checking that system coolants are at the correct levels
  • Measuring air flow
  • Checking electrical connections
  • Checking thermostats
  • Checking all pipes, tubes and conduits

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Better efficiency, happier people, greater output: why air conditioning is a business essential
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